The Brian Setzer Orchestra

From Stray Cats to swing...Brian Setzer's talents span several decades. Inspired by Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers and Eddie Cochran, he had dreamed of forming a brass band from a young age. The Long Island, tatooed punk rocker pranced away from the Cats and into swing when, in 1992 he found his seventeen-piece orchestra. BSO had a phenomenal start on the West Coast and went on to put out their first album 'The Brian Setzer Orchestra' in 1994 which led them to their first tour of North America.

The band has sold millions of copies of their stuff and won numerous awards and two Grammy's. They've toured the US and Canada, Europe and Japan. While several other swing revival bands emerged during this timeframe, The Brian Setzer Orchestra is the only one that would be classified as a 'big band'. They feel that they soared to the heights of the industry by offering something new and refreshing.


Wolfgang's Big Night Out (2007)
Dig That Crazy Christmas (2005)
The Ultimate Collection: Recorded Live (2004)
Jump, Jive an' Wail - The Very Best of the Brian Setzer Orchestra (2003)
Boogie Woogie Christmas (2002)
Vavoom! (2000)
The Dirty Boogie (1998)
Guitar Slinger (1996)
The Brian Setzer Orchestra (1994)