Dancing to swing

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

In an effort to jump out of the grunge box that much of the country was engulfed in, Steve Perry wanted to do something different.  He wanted something more challenging. In 1989, the band formed and gave their town a taste of something definitely different. They became a controversial and provocative band known for their wild stage presence which often times consisted of drag dress and a great deal of innuendo to accompany their name. They met with so much resistance in Eugene that they decided it best to change their name and, for show purposes, re-named themselves 'The Bad Daddies'.

Current members:

Steve Perry - vocals
Jason Moss - guitar
Joe Manis - alto sax
Sean Flannery - tenor sax
Tim Donahue - drums
Dana Heitman - trumpet
Dustin Lanker - keyboards
Dan Schmidt - bass

Their fame gradually spread from Oregon down the west coast and throughout California. They went on tour in '94. They swept through different style throughout the years from ska and funk on towards neo-swing in 1997. This is when they came out with Zoot Suit Riot which became a hit single. Near 2000 they started to lean back towards their earlier music, disappointing many swing fans. They went off the scene for a bit but still played in their town.  Fall of '07 brought about the news that they were working on a new album...  we anxiously await this new CD, wondering what it will bring.


Soul Caddy (2000)
Zoot Suit Riot (1997)
Kids on the Street (1996)
Rapid City Muscle Car (1994)
Ferociously Stoned (1990)