The Atomic Fireballs

Formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1996, the early career of the Atomic Fireballs was throughout the Midwest, with their first show in 1997. They hit the ground running and took off like wildfire and on to do a national tour. Their music is on the edge of swing. Some would call it more jump blues. Not trying to be any one genre  in particular, but just out to have fun, their music is hard to define . Certainly everyone could agree that it is definitely retro, upbeat and energetic.

Original band members included:

John Bunkley-vocals
James Bostek - trumpet
Randy Sly - piano
Eric Schabo - tenor sax
Duke Kingins - guitar
Geoff Kinde - drums
Tony Bucelli - trombone
Shawn Scaggs - upright bass

They played to all ages and  audiences, from swanky New York bars to outdoor theatres to smoky dives.

Though the band has broken up in recent years, they will always be able to boast  that a couple of songs even made their way into a few Hollywood movies. The titles of their songs alone (Caviar and Chittlins; Hit by a Brick; Drink Drank Drunk; Swing Sweet Pussycat, etc.) will attest to the fact that they were only out to have a good time and energize the people.  That they did.


 Torch This Place(1999)
Birth of the Swerve (1998)