Royal Crown Review Swing

Royal Crown Review

Royal Crown Review is famed with puting swing back on the musical map, so to speak. From their retro attire to their perfect blend of jazzy, bluesy swing, they transport their audiences back to another era.

They are chameleons in that they can slide into any atmosphere and captivate the crowd, whether it be a smoky lounge,  a black tie event, the Las Vegas Strip, or a back alley bar.

Eddie Nichols does vocals; tenor sax is played by Mando Dorame and alto sax by Jim Jedeikin; Daniel Glass keeps the rhythm on drums; Scott Steen swings the trumpet; Mark Cally rocks his guitar and Dave Miller stays smooth on bass .



El Toro (2007)
Passport to Australia (2005)
Greetings From Hollywood( 2004)
Walk on Fire(1999)
The Contender (1998)
Mugzy's Move (1998)
Caught In The Act (1997)
Kings of Gangster Bop(1994)